6 GYM Schwerpunktprojekt: Sprachreise England

Goodbye Austria! Hello England! We left Salzburg by plane and we fortunately didn’t go insane. To Oxford the trip should us take this was real, no fake. We all were housed at a host family this didn’t happen in our fantasy. Most of them were nice to us and if not, we had our teachers to discuss and took the next bus to live in another house but this time without a mouse. In the morning we had to go to school luckily our teacher wasn’t a fool. In the afternoon we had some free time of course we didn’t commit a crime or drink wine. Our excursions were quite great but they always ended late. Stonehenge was worth going to see in this point we all agree. We visited London twice and could not believe our eyes. The city amazed us a lot although it wasn’t hot. It was cold and rainy all day long but for England this wasn’t wrong. We always had an umbrella in our bag but this didn’t trip us a leg. We got to know the different lifestyle there which our country doesn’t share. In the end I want to say that we all had a fantastic stay. This experience will keep us together and we will remember this trip forever. Anna Weinkamer 6A
Merken Merken Merken